Horsemanship Lessons - Summer Classes (July/August)

English and Western classes will commence starting in July. WAHL will be offering a slightly different program as the instructor has a new addition joining their family in April. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact "Andonia" directly at 

Students will be requested to set aside 15 minutes before and after for grooming and cleanup. It is highly recommend anyone working with horses to obtain individual "HCBC Equine Insurance".


Equipment NEEDED


- Riding Boots (1/4" heel)

- NCCP/SEI Riding helmets for all Riders (can borrow as needed)

- Appropriate riding clothes i.e Breeches or Jeans

 24 hours notice  prior to class commencing to rebook or fill seat. 



Advanced Equine First Aid


Health and Equine Emergency First Aid


Fundamentals of Equine First Aid


"I Can Help" Horse First Aid for Kids


Safety Comes First-the barn and beyond


Yay or Neigh? Farm safety for kids